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We find ourselves living difficult moments, where the way in which we have been living and everything that human beings have built is questioned, that is why we must take this reality as an opportunity to rethink our way of living. It is time to become aware and analyze ourselves deeply...Yoga invites you to do so, to find a meaning, the meaning of life, we are not alone and everything we do impacts others .....


Our mission is to transmit the true meaning of this philosophy of life, leaving the physical part as a consequence of daily practice and focusing mainly on being happy, seeing life from the truth, living as we really should ... looking at ourselves, knowing ourselves, getting away from superficiality and connect with our spirit.


We invite you to stay connected to give you all the information on how to change and improve your lifestyle to help the planet and all beings so that we all live healthy, united and happy.

Graduación India

Let´s meet Francisca Hunting

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Francisca Hunting is Yoga con Sentido founder and owner. After a trip to India in 2018, she decided to start with this project.

Commercial Engineer, Public Relations and Yoga instructor. Her work experience has allowed her to obtain a comprehensive vision regarding different subjects, specifically in marketing planning, commercial management, internal and external communication strategies, personnel selection and human resources, which has led her to become an expert in management of clients, suppliers and multidisciplinary work teams. With a powerful spiritual and value development, generated by the constant practice of yoga and its fundamental principles of respect for nature, the body, mind and spirit.

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